Damage Limitation for an Indulgent & Merry Christmas with No Hangovers

Christmas is just around the corner, a time when many people tend to eat off piste, drink far more alcohol than usual, gain an extra few pounds and generally push the boundaries a little.

At Fibr we aren’t going to tell you that alcohol is good for you - but we are totally aligned with the ethos that a little bit of merriment is good for the soul.

So - to avoid the guilt and the inevitable energy slump that can occur after going to hard on the partying - we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to offset any Christmas splurges.

Of course we all know that, at the very least, you need to hydrate well whilst drinking alcohol - but there are many more (simple) things you can do to offset the collateral damage from the Christmas partying. And keep reading to find out how you can benefit from Fibr’s Medical-Grade Supplements combined into a unique “Party Pack” to help you survive the festive season.


Before Drinking Alcohol:

The first line of defence is to line your stomach with meal based around good quality protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. This approach will help balance your blood sugar - which will go on a rollercoaster when consuming alcohol.

Choose Your Poison Wisely:

We all know that some drinks make us feel worse than others - and this is largely due to the congeners. Congeners are chemical impurities in alcohol that are produced during fermentation which our bodies struggle to process. You can choose drinks which contain less congeners than others - and here is our little list, from best to worst:

Vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, other distilled spirits, dry cider, dry champagne, dry white wine, white wines, red wines, dessert wines, beer.

You’re welcome.

Our favourite tipple: a shot of quality vodka, tonnes of ice, a wedge of lime and ginger kombucha. No congeners, digestive support from the lime and some microbiome support from the kombucha. Cheers!

Some Post Drinking Tips for Avoiding a Hangover:

At Fibr, we like using herbs and supplements like N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, milk thistle, schizandra berry, turmeric root, and dandelion root. You can actually find these in blended Detox Support Sachets - which combine a host of antioxidants and nutrients to support liver detoxification. This will boost your ability to process any alcohol consumed. Taken before (and after) a night out - these are invaluable aids to your liver.

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A Charcoal Chaser:

Take 5 Capsules of Charcoal (or 2 tablets with each drink) before you go to bed to help mop up the toxins from your night of fun. Charcoal has been used as a remedy in Chinese, Ayurvedic and even Western Medicine for 10,000 years to soak up poisons and improve intestinal health.

Restore Antioxidant Levels:

Even if you do drink loads of water, you are likely to still get dehydrated. Drinking electrolytes in coconut water alongside 1 gram of slow acidity Vitamin C can support the restoration of fluid levels and help to reduce any conversion of alcohol into acetaldehyde: an aging and highly toxic metabolite.

Add in some Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant, and you will replenish any lost antioxidants from all the work your liver has to do.

You can also take some 5-HTP for neurotransmitter support. Alcohol reduces our level of serotonin (the happy hormone) so taking 5-HTP boosts serotonin and can help reduce the negative effects on mood which arise after a night on the booze.

Finally, Ways to Avoid a Hangover the Next Day:

Wake up early-ish (you can have a lie-in but try not to stay in bed all day) and try to keep to your normal morning routine.

Take some more Vitamin C Powder alongside 1g of L-Tyrosine. L Tyrosine is a  powerful amino acid that is a building block for dopamine and helps with performance during times of stress. Drinking alcohol, nice as it is, is a stress to the body - so this morning tonic will help your body recover. Add the powders to warm water and squeeze in some lemon Juice to stimulate the liver.

After-Party Food:

Refuel your body wisely the morning after. Rather than a traditional fry-up, we thoroughly recommend Eggs, Avocado and Greens - sprinkle on some cayenne pepper for an extra kick. Or you can do a full-blown, nutrient-dense smoothie with protein powders, antioxidant berries and nut butters. Whatever your meal of choice make sure it contains some quality fats and salt.

Wash the supplements, electrolyte tonic and your nourishing breakfast down with some quality coffee and a B complex supplement - as drinking alcohol depletes B vitamins. You can also add in some Phosphatidylcholine as this wonder-supplement stimulates bile flow, brain health and neurotransmitters in one fell swoop - the perfect replenishing boost to get you back up and running (and ready for your next party)!

The Fibr Party Pack:

If all of this sounds like the emergency tool kit that you need this season - we have put together our Fibr Party Pack - tried and tested - which includes high quality versions of everything mentioned above - not found on the high street:

Activated Charcoal

Detox Support Sachets

Electrolyte Powder

Liposomal Glutathione


Vitamin C Powder


B Complex


Protein Powder for you Morning-After Shake

These will arrive in time for Christmas if ordered today - for a special price of £399 - just CONTACT US TODAY